import numpy as np from sklearn.cluster import KMeans import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Sample data: customer_id, total_purchases, avg_time_between_purchases (hours) customer_data = np.array([ [1, 25, 0.5], [2, 10, 5], [3, 15, 2], [4, 30, 1], [5, 7, 10], [6, 20, 3], [7, 12, 7], [8, 28, 0.8], [9, 6, 12], [10, 18, 1.5] ]) # Extract customer IDs and feature data customer_ids = customer_data[:, 0].astype(int) features = customer_data[:, 1:] # Perform k-means clustering n_clusters = 2 kmeans = KMeans(n_clusters=n_clusters, random_state=42) cluster_labels = kmeans.fit_predict(features) # Find the cluster with the lowest average time between purchases impulsive_cluster = np.argmin(kmeans.cluster_centers_[:, 1]) # Get the customer IDs in the impulsive cluster impulsive_buyers = customer_ids[cluster_labels == impulsive_cluster] print("Impulsive buyers:", impulsive_buyers) # Visualize the clustering results (optional) plt.scatter(features[:, 0], features[:, 1], c=cluster_labels, cmap='viridis') plt.scatter(kmeans.cluster_centers_[:, 0], kmeans.cluster_centers_[:, 1], c='red', marker='x') plt.xlabel('Total Purchases') plt.ylabel('Average Time Between Purchases (hours)')
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Music is the bridge that leads to creative excellence – and AVOS RECORDS proudly carries this torch! With its roots planted firmly in Atlanta, GA since 2017, our established label has stayed one step ahead of music trends; providing talented artists and producers with a solid foundation for launching their musical careers. We guarantee unparalleled support for your aspirations – all without taking any form of income from those we nurture at Avos Records. Embrace an adventure unlike no other today!

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AVOS RECORDS is leading the way with its ambitious Foray into introducing groundbreaking music to the world. As a trusted record label for independent artists, AVOS has had immense opportunities in joining forces with musical maestros across all corners of the globe – from Japan and beyond! On our platform you will gain exclusive access to albums and single releases direct from talented musicians that make up part of The AVOS family. Whether it be for questions about an artist or getting more information on us, just get in touch - we’d love nothing more than hearing from YOU!

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JULY 15th @ Midnight PST

YRCANDY - new single discussions After a long year of dealing with global events, yrcandy has gotten the time to launch some new projects before the year ends.

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Egor is a talented and experienced Berlin-based producer, game developer and globetrotter. He can boast of multiple professional ventures as his achievements since attending University in 2018 with close associate Arnautica. Egor's vast knowledge on audio engineering has made him an essential part of the AVOS team; specifically being appointed senior engineer where he assures outstanding quality throughout all musical productions created by the company. His dedication to excellence makes every production shine!




Arnautica is an Atlanta based producer and DJ whose progressive house, future bass music has earned him over 169,000 streams on Spotify with his 2019 hit 'Mistakes'. His live performances have taken him around the world to venues in Germany, Japan, Korea and across the United States. Inspiration from Al Green Culture Club Deadmau5 Seven Lions and Tone Depth can be heard in Arnautica's unique musical stylings but for this talented artist it goes far deeper than just creating great sounds - touching souls through song motivates Arnuatica as he relentlessly pursues impacting lives worldwide saying; "if I can save somebody else’s life with my music like how much that living changed me then it makes everything worth .

Screenshot (33).png



Instagram k.lis_18


Kate has become a highly sought-after influencer due to her one of kind approach to social media. Not only is she an entertaining presence at gatherings but possesses tremendous capabilities for conquering difficult tasks alike. With substantial followings on LiveMe, Instagram and TikTok – it’s no wonder why Kate’s reach quickly spread throughout the industry upon joining AVOS. Her outsized impact within the label's family cannot be understated; earning immense gratitude from all that work amongst her!

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"Yrcandy" is an Indian based producer/Dj. His alias derived from his style of music in which ear candiness is the core element. He started out playing piano when he was 12 years old and quickly moved into producing following Martin Garrix's 'Spotless' collaboration with Jay Hardway, learning to produce on FL Studio software along the way. After ghostproducing for various artists at a local level Yrcandy found success by selling over 25+ tracks as well developing his own unique sound that has been praised both nationally and internationally across 4 standalone releases - each one showcasing further versatility within Y's signature melodic production style alongside collaborations established with some of India biggest up-and-coming artist such ItzMeMusic & TEGI Sounds. 2023 looks set to be another strong year for him already lined up multiple new projects coming soon!




Blud is an emerging South Asian artist and is best known as a music producer/Dj specializing in Deep progressive house music. His interest in producing music started when he was 10 years old, his first musc software was "Virtual Dj". He didn't start producing until he was 16 years old. At the age of 16 he was mostly inspired by Avicii. Blud hasn't released a lot of music. His first track was a collaboration track with an artist 'Fad3' now he is known as 'Featherfall' which was released in the year 2019. He has done single tracks too. His first single track was "Hope you still want me" which was signed by a record label named '2 flags records'. In the year 2020 he made a release with "Yrcandy" which gave him more attention. He has made some label releases and single releases too. He is hoping to make a lot  of music in the upcoming days.





Instagram - annybunny_ru

cosmetics->>> @annybunny_med

Anna is Avos Records' expert in public relations, heading a team of professionals adept at using various strategies to maximize the impact and reach they can achieve. She spearheads activities like blogger outreach and brand partnerships that are instrumental in growing their social media presence significantly. Paying keen attention to ROI returns on investments made, she also captures relevant editorial coverage across all mediums reporting data back regularly for stakeholders. Moreover, Anna is responsible for overseeing smooth execution of store events - taking charge from start-to-finish with her efficient planning methods!




Nemrock is a multi-faceted powerhouse, not only establishing himself as an award-winning artist with hit singles like N.Y. In The Rain, but also concluding his military service in the US Army where he was trained up to be a combat medic. With such hardworking values applied to everything from production and engineering through to leading projects on behalf of Avos Records - Nemrock has now become their go-to man at headquarters down in Atlanta! Masterful sound mixing and mastering skills put him way ahead of other competitors out there; making sure no stone goes unturned for clients wanting deep smooth polished recordings that stay true sonically when released into the wilds!




AVOS ambassador For Korea


David is Avos Records' Korean ambassador and internal model, a role he takes great pride in. He joined the label in 2017 after serving with Arnuatica's in the armed forces for several years - expertise that has proved invaluable when it comes to creating meaningful business relationships across South Korea and further abroad. Combining his mechanical engineering capabilities along with an unwavering commitment towards excellence, David stands out as one of the strongest contributing members of their team!

engineer grad
physical & mental performance
marine amphib raid commando


"IamLowKey$ is a talented rapper, songwriter and producer hailing from the Saint Louis area. His distinctive sound and passionate delivery has earned him numerous fans across multiple musical scenes whilst also revolutionizing hip-hop as we know it today - firmly placing IamLowkey at the forefront of creativity within modern music. With an impressive portfolio that includes vital partnerships with AVOS Records over many years – he continues to astound listeners globally through emotion filled beats."


Alberto Daniel Hill, PMP, CSX.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Talks about #hacker, #hacking, #justice, #cybercrime, and #cybersecurityTalks 

  • Crypto Currency Services, INC.

  • Universidad Católica del Uruguay 'Dámaso Antonio Larranaga'

Uruguay  Contact info


"Patti Katter is an inspirational entrepreneur, a syndicated talk-radio host and the creator of top rated international podcast “Wake Up with Pattie Katter”. She has been featured on Amazon TV/Roku sharing her tips for success as well as authoring multiple inspiring texts that have seen high recognition from audiences around the world. On August 30th she was officially named by Forbes Magazine in TripleAxle's inaugural list of Top60 most influential podcasters for 2020 - further highlighting her dominant presence within media entertainment industry today."

Screenshot (31).png

Our mission is in our name: The Rising Star Group. We create niche opportunities for emerging artists, producers, and songwriters to give them the tools they need to succeed in the early stages of their careers and beyond.
We specialize in everything from sound, to marketing, distribution, branding, talent management and consulting, and overall business strategy.
We’ve helped artists and brands in the sector expand their reach and connect with audiences by giving them the tools to navigate the streaming landscape, the strategies to create a distinct brand presence, and the support to make a large-scale impact.
Our team works alongside the talent or brand to discuss the best marketing tactics to package and market the talent or brand and their product.

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Where the Passion Begins

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"Green Beans is a Saginaw, Michigan based label that has strategically worked with AVOS Records on multiple business ventures. They specialize in recruiting new talent from poverty-stricken areas and helping small local artists to launch their careers onto the lime light of Atlanta's music scene."

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"Fresh Produce Merch is a Chicago based vendor that specializes in custom enamel hat pins and apparel. It was the very first company to help Arnuatica get his merch out into the world, quickly building an extremely loyal partnership between them both - something which would soon spill over into their wider collaboration with AVOS Records as they provided invaluable assistance since day one of operations."

Custom enamel hat pins and apparel.
Chicago-based merchant 🔊
Designs by @cah_fpm



AVOS Records is a record label founded by Travon Brown in 2017. Set up to provide all the necessary resources for artists of any genre, AVOS provides state-of-the art equipment and professional services. Believing that modern agreements between labels and their signed acts should be more beneficial than ever before, they ensure that every artist gets 100% compensation from royalties created through sales on platforms such as iTunes or Spotify enabled stores. With this mission in mind, AVOS seeks nothing short of total disruption within an industry which has been known to take advantage of its own clients’ naivety when signing contracts with large reports companies looking after massive profits instead of grassroots engagement talent identification strategies .

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